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Are you simply over your job? Do you feel trapped in your career? Do you feel overlooked and undervalued? Does your boss not value you or your contribution? Is your stressful work environment impacting your health? Are you tired of a toxic work environment? Do you hate the thought of going to work? Is your career not heading in the direction you want it to? Do you feel undercompensated for all the work you do? Are you tired of not having time for the things that you enjoy? Do you live vicariously through others that are working remotely or abroad?

Do you need a career change?


Yes, you do! You can find a job with a boss and colleagues that support you and your goals. You can find an organization that will give you the promotion you deserve. You can be happy to go to work every day because you enjoy what you do and the people you work with. You can leverage your skills to find a satisfying job abroad. You can live the dream of working and living anywhere you choose.

As a certified career coach, I can help you realize these goals! Together we will exam all aspects of your life to identify what type of job and work-life balance will bring you happiness. Are you ready and willing to commit to creating a rewarding career and life?

About Coach


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About Career Coach at Targeted Fit

Founder and Career Strategy Coach

Kentia McLemore is a Career Strategy Coach. She has over

8 years of experience writing resumes and providing career

advice for professionals at all levels and in a variety of industries. Also, Kentia has over 16 years of experience in human resources coaching leaders and individual contributors to achieve goals and initiatives.

Kentia holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Spanish from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. She is a National Certified Online Profile Expert (NCOPE) for LinkedIn profiles. She is a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, The National Resume Writer’s Association and the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). Kentia maintains the confidentiality of all clients and adheres to the standards and ethics of each of these organizations.

Kentia has studied in Mexico and lived abroad in Dominican Republic and Taiwan. She is fluent in Spanish and speaks some Mandarin and Indonesian. When not coaching and writing, she enjoys traveling with her husband.


“Kentia is the real deal when it comes  to resumé preparation and job search consultation. I consider myself quite proficient when it comes to writing, whether that be in preparing my resume or in other business settings. However, Kentia took it to another level when I submitted my résumé to her for upgrading. She has a knack for identifying and utilizing key words to attract the attention of HR professionals. She was invaluable in helping me integrate back into the workplace. She is highly knowledgeable and and very personable at the same time. I would recommend Kentia to anyone without any hesitation at all!”

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